Mary Garner

latest work – painting

These works are associated with place and space and are fuelled by the artist’s preoccupation with maps, science and astronomy. Research by the artist into early cartography and recent lunar landscape imagery shows the scope of sources used. The paintings share a common concern for spatial and atmospheric depth, leading some to become reminiscent of more traditional landscape scenes. However, the paintings maintain an abstract quality as the works layer the tools of description without pinpointing the geographical location.

The use of beeswax as an encaustic medium requires a playful and intuitive approach to painting. The addition of wax creates a finite timeframe in which to manipulate the paint across the surface through repeated application, reduction and removal. It hinders the ability to entirely erase marks made and instead allows traces to be built up, concealing, revealing and obscuring elements but never quite deleting.

The deliberate relinquishing of complete control by the artist is intentional and allows each painting to grow organically. The resultant images are evocative and ethereal atmospheres, at once both macro and micro images; the earth from the air and the world through a microscope.